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Danish tech maestros Bang & Olufsen showcased the BeoPlay range in Sydney, along with the newest of its BeoVision TVs.

Although the BeoPlay brand has been available for a while now, Bang & Olufsen brought the full range together at an event in Sydney. The recently announced A9 was the centrepiece of the evening, but B&O also displayed two models from its TV range: the BeoPlay V1 and BeoVision 11.

The BeoPlay V1 is available in either 32-inch or 40-inch LED panels with built-in speakers. The 32-inch model has two 2.5-inch full-range drivers in a closed-box cabinet of 0.5 litres, and one 32-watt Class D ICEpower amplifier per channel. The 40-inch model boasts two 2-inch full-range treble/mid-range drivers in a closed-box cabinet of 0.15 litres, one 4-inch centre bass unit in a closed box of 1.7 litres and three 32-watt Class D ICEpower amplifiers.

The V1 was launched in May this year, but has just received a software update that allows it to be controlled using the Bang & Olufsen BeoRemote app, as well as giving the TV access to IPTV content.

The BeoVision 11 is B&O's first smart TV, coming in 40-inch, 46-inch and 55-inch sizes. The motorised stand is remote controlled, letting you angle anywhere up to 90 degrees. It's a 200Hz panel with active 3D, and features no fewer than six speakers either with its own amplifier. In a very Bang & Olufsen-style touch, the BeoVision 11 has five different colours of speaker cloth to choose from.

The BeoPlay V1 starts at AU$3150, while local pricing on the BeoVision 11 has yet to be confirmed.

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