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Frustrated with the lack of batch uploading to Pinterest? This simple solution ensures you can spend more time pinning and less time pining.

(Credit: Pinloadr)

Developed by award-winning photographer Alexia Sinclair and James Hill, the tool works by letting users drag and drop images on to their desired board.

Images can then be tagged or linked back to the original source as usual. Select the check boxes to copy those same tags to each image if desired. Pinloadr authenticates directly to Pinterest through the app, so there is no other third party involved.

Other batch uploading solutions are generally more complex than this, involving at least another step between tag creation and uploading.

Pinloadr is available for OS X from the Mac App Store for AU$2.99.

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ParasA posted a comment   

Isn't this software available for Windows. Or can you suggest such software for Windows too so that it would be easy to do Batch Upload on Pintererst


ChristinaM1 posted a comment   

Interesting! We released our bulk uploading tools for both Mac and Windows a few weeks ago, as part of our Pin4Ever Premium plan. Pin4Ever's tools also work for pinning multiple pins from other social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest itself. New customers can try many of our Pinterest power tools free for a week at -- which includes testing out the operation of the bulk uploading (but not actually uploading the new pins).

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