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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Batman arrested for burglary

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Actually, we're not sure beating people up is entirely legal, either.
(Credit: Warner Bros)

A man who dressed as Batman and delivered a wanted man to his local cop shop has now been arrested for burglary — and his accomplice is the same man he took in to the police last month.

Just over a month ago, a man made global headlines when, dressed as Batman, he delivered to his local Bradford, UK, police station a man who was wanted on several warrants. The mystery man turned out to be a 39-year-old delivery driver by the name of Stan Worby, and the wanted man is his friend, 27-year-old Danny Frayne, who had asked Worby to drive him to the police station.

Worby (left) turning in Frayne, caught on CCTV.
(Credit: CTV News)

Worby, who had attended a football match in fancy dress, took the opportunity to play a prank. He marched into the police station with Frayne, told them, "I've caught this one for you," and went home, to the befuddlement and amusement of the officers on duty.

At the time, Worby told The Telegraph, "I've never done fancy dress before, it's not my thing. So for this to happen the first time I dress up, I just can't believe it."

Now, the two men have once again come to police attention, when officers stopped their vehicle at 4am local time on Sunday and found £770 worth of stolen power tools, nicked from a nearby garage. Ironically, it had been Worby who had convinced Frayne to turn himself in back in March.

The pair was arrested and charged with burglary. Frayne, who appeared before Bradford Magistrates' Court on Monday, pleaded not guilty; he is due to reappear before the court with Worby on 26 April. Maybe Worby should turn in his cape, cowl and utility belt while he's at it.


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DanM posted a comment   

Classic comic-book frame-job. Probably the Joker or Two-Face trying to hurt Batman's name.


MarkoC posted a comment   

Batman, what are you doing? pls stahp!

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