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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Batman: the action figure we need

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What good is a Joker action figure if you can't play out the interrogation scene? Hot Toys has unveiled its latest Batman action figure: the Dark Knight himself.

(Credit: Hot Toys)

Actually, playing with them together probably wouldn't work, since the Batman figure is scaled at a larger size (1/4) compared to the Joker (1/6), but they're probably not really for playing with, anyway.

(Credit: Hot Toys)

In honour of the film's release, the figure is available for pre-order from Hong King's pop culture fair Ani-Com (Google Translate), running 27-31 July, but pricing is unknown.

Like most of Hot Toys' figures, it features a highly detailed face sculpt and a fabric costume, with props from the The Dark Knight Returns film included. It also uses Hot Toys' Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (so that you can move the eyes around — eerie!).

Also being unveiled is a Selina Kyle action figure, for which only a teaser image has been released.

Head on over to Hot Toys' Facebook page for more incredible pictures.

(Credit: Hot Toys)

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AlexV1 posted a comment   


Maybe...Just maybe Cnet should hold a competition , give away one (or twenty ) as a prize .....

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