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Light painting allows photographers to get particularly creative with long exposures and various light sources.

(Credit: Janne Parviainen)

The latest stunning example to cross our paths is from Janne Parviainen, who used a his Sony Alpha DSLR-A200 and a single LED light to map out topographical studies of his subjects.

Parviainen has been painting with light for five years and has previously focused on tracing people with light. "At some point, I thought what it would look like if I would trace entire rooms with light. And when I first tried it couple of years ago, I was stunned by the results," he said.

(Credit: Janne Parviainen)

"With the more complex light paintings, I usually draw sketches of the idea first, and then try to create the same effect with light. It takes quite a lot of pre-planning to get the ideas to work, and a lot of trial and error. But sometimes, the photos also work on the first take."

Check out more of Parviainen's work on this Flickr set, or visit his website.

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