Belkin gives up on wireless HDMI

Belkin will not be releasing its FlyWire wireless HDMI accessory.

CNET has learned that the company has decided not to offer the FlyWire for sale. A Belkin spokesperson confirmed the product's cancellation, saying that "its retail price of [US]$1,499 would be out of line given the current state of the economy."

Goodbye, FlyWire: The now-cancelled product will never see store shelves. (Credit: Belkin)

The FlyWire was introduced at CES 2008. The unit was a transmitter/receiver combo: the transmitter toggled between multiple audio and video sources (HDMI and analog), which were then wirelessly beamed to a receiver. Since the tiny receiver required only AC power and utilised a single HDMI output, it could be stealthily mounted behind wall-mounted flat screens or ceiling mounted projectors, eliminating the need for long unsightly cable runs. At one point, Belkin was mulling two versions: an initial high-end, multiroom-capable $1,499 version for multiple AV sources, followed by a less pricey single-source transmitter.

Early demos of the FlyWire impressed us, but its premature death is just another indication that wireless HDMI technology is all but stillborn at the consumer level. Other notable no-shows, at least so far: the Philips wireless HDMI kit (introduced January 2007) and the Monster Express HD System (announced summer 2008).

So, where does that leave consumers looking for wireless HDMI options? The US has solutions such as Gefen's EXT-HDMI, while Australia is less fortunate and only boasts Bravia 1080 Wireless as featured in the Sony ZX1.

The Gefen product utilises ultrawideband (UWB) technology from a company called TZero; the latter company filed for bankruptcy soon after the product shipped. The Belkin utilized a rival technology from Amimon, which has been making headway with a standard dubbed WHDI. But standards — especially ones that hope to offer interdevice support from multiple manufacturers — take time.

In other words, we're all but certain to see more wireless HDMI announcements in the coming months and years. But a wider array of products — especially ones that are affordable — still look to be a long way off.

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