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Belkin has launched a network device that delivers home entertainment across an array of mobile devices.

Belkin @TV Plus.
(Credit: Belkin)

Belkin's @TV Plus hardware uses Wi-Fi or a mobile network to allow users to access home theatre content on mobiles, tablets and laptops. The @TV device connects and controls multiple sources, such as a DVD player or a set-top box, allowing easy access on mobile devices when combined with the @TV app from Belkin.

Using @TV Plus, it's possible to record live TV directly onto a tablet or smartphone for later watching, even when not on a wireless connection of any type.

As mentioned before, @TV Plus works with the @TV app, which is available from both the iOS and Android app stores. The app is currently free for tablets, and $13.99 for smartphones.

The @TV Plus has a recommended retail price of $199.95 and is available in store now. We'll have a full review of the product in the near future.

Belkin @TV rear.
(Credit: Belkin)

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