Belkin N600 DB wireless modem/router

Despite looking similar to its modemless cousin, the N600 DB wireless modem/router is a different entity. Problems with Intel and Ralink chipsets, worrying heat output, middling wireless performance and long waits between changing settings mean that this one should be passed over.

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User Reviews / Comments  Belkin N600 DB wireless modem/router

  • NiklasH



    "I bought this router because I thought it was quite high-end, especially considering the price. But I was so wrong. First of all, configuring the port forwarding was a huge mess, sometimes it saved..."

  • PaulaC


    "Installed ok Internet very slow contacted support after many attempts to solve issue and replacing one machine I gave up. I will never buy anything with the name Belkin"

  • SogniaV


    "We bought this modem a year ago and we had so many problems with it. It had a melt down and the Belkin Help centre were awesome but it was unrepairable. We are onto our second unit and we have only..."

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