Belkin to buyout Linksys brand and products

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The company has announced its intent to buy all of Cisco's Home Networking division, including the Linksys brand.

A Linksys by Cisco home product.
(Credit: Cisco)

It was back in 2003 that business networking giant Cisco bought Linksys, hoping to make a dent in the home networking industry. By 2008, the brand had been repositioned as Linksys by Cisco, in deference to both Cisco's long history of networking infrastructure and the simple fact that the average consumer was more familiar with the Linksys brand.

We heard late last year that Linksys was back on the sale block, and it seems to have been true, with Belkin today announcing that it will acquire the Cisco Home Networking Business Unit, including the Linksys brand, technologies, products and even a few employees.

Belkin is not discussing the money behind the deal, but it is expected to be wrapped up in March.

According to Belkin, it will keep the Linksys brand, continue to offer support for Linksys products and will honour all valid warranties for current and future Linksys products.

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CSerruto posted a comment   

Argh don't know whether to be happy about this! I love Linksys quality and value, I really hope Belkin don't stuff it up!

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