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Flat panel LCDs may have the lion's share of the attention when it comes to HD viewing, but for the best theatre experience a projector is the only way to go. Prices on 1080p projectors have tumbled in the last 12 months, and with the Olympics and other big sporting events on our doorstep it makes a great time to invest. Plus, we've heard they work pretty well with movies, or something.

Of course, you'll probably need a couple more things to watch TV and movies on these, such as a set-top box and a projection screen. So factor in this cost when looking to buy.

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amazon196969 posted a comment   

I dunno bout the Panasonic projectors but I now own numerous other panasonic items(only by insurance replacement of quality sony goods)which have all failed within the first 12 months of little use...I will never buy Panasonic product...they were ok once apon a time...


ex panny posted a comment   

AND,good luck to you, one of the very few who have gotten "service" from Panasonic.
Still cant see anywhere where they have admitted to the fault,I guess it is just a coincidence that hundreds of owners have suffered the same problem


max posted a comment   

Panasonic in Australia do not even do their own repairs, and would laugh at you if you suggested they pick it up.
You are refered to an outsourced service centre.


Serviam posted a comment   

And they fixed my iris problem straight away. I called customer service about it. They picked it up the day after (i live in Sweden), took it to Britain, repaired and upgraded the FW on it and had it back to me 3 days later. No charge, no problem.
So, if you live in europe there is no problem at all regarding panasonic.


max posted a comment   

Be wary of purchasing any Panasonic projectors, Panasonic will not admit to any faults.
Just google PT ax100 dynamic iris fault and see the hundreds of posts relating to the problem that the majority of owners are getting after about 300 hours of use.

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