Best 3D TVs

While the excitement levels for 3D technology may have settled for the general public after last year's frenzied burst, the televisions (and the cinema releases) keep on coming.

Soon, we'll have some decent Blu-ray movies to watch in native 3D, and why not avail yourself of a handsome new 3D TV on which to enjoy them?

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AndrewK1 posted a comment   

So without even seeing the Panasonic in action, it gets a perfect review? That is suspicious.

Are you able to give us a review on the Kogan range of 3D TV's despite the fact that they are not released for a month?


AndrewK1 posted a reply   

Ah damn it. Forget that rant. It was a perfect USER RATING that I was referring to.

Implication withdrawn. Apologies.

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