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As the Android Market roars past the 250,000 apps mark, we collect our favourite tools, services and games into one mammoth list.

This collection is a mix of paid and free Android apps, with a bunch of business and fitness apps.

If you're looking for a phone to run these apps on, check out our Best Android smartphones feature.

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NishantB posted a comment   

Best iPhone,iPad


TaniaWolf posted a comment   

Disappointed that you don't go in for puzzle games. They're some of the most entertaining ones out there. Try out Bubble Blast, Fuzzy Logic, Cut the Rope.


MattC3 posted a comment   

Sooo great to have the best Android Apps..... pity CNET kept with their tradition and just used an iphone as the phone to display them on!


Joseph Hanlon posted a reply   

That's not an iPhone! That's a Galaxy S II. I should know, it took me hours on end to Photoshop this all together :P


Trungy12 posted a reply   

own by Joseph lol


brad posted a comment   

I smell chicken?


Wake UP posted a comment   

Does anyone know of an app for an alarm clock that actually works when the phone is turned off?

Thanks :)


shurlz droid posted a comment   

Hi is it possible and or OK to update my droid from 1.5 soft wear straight to 2.0....

some one please let me know ASAP


pauline posted a comment   

Recently got my HTC it.apps r great and keyboard is easy to use

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