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One of the major disappointments for smartphone users switching from the iPhone to Android tends to be the lack of truly great games on the Google platform. However, this could be as much a problem with discovery mechanisms on the Android Market as it is a shortage of great titles. We've found that if you look closely there are some awesome games to buy and play and we've posted some of our favourites in the gallery below.

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Maiworm posted a comment   

Try Freestreet, the ultimative puzzle and brain game for android! In Germany it has over 10.000 downloads, I don't know why other countries don't know about it. Give it a try!


CarlJ posted a comment   


Have you heard of the awesome fantasy social card battle game Rage of Bahamut?

If you use my referral code we both get a big bonus in the game!

1. Get the game for your device.

Go to:

2. Play the game and go through the tutorial until it tells you to enter a referral.

3. Enter this code: vfv12840



Cratey posted a comment   

Should add Dead on arrival to the list.


rdx posted a comment   

hey i was just wonder were is real football 2010 for x 10


rdx posted a comment   

hey i was just wonder were is real football 2010 for x 10


panama jack posted a comment   

fingers crossed


mikky posted a comment   



MikeL posted a comment   

You missed Deadly Chambers! If you like shooters its worth checking out too. It's way more fun than some of these!


Dan posted a comment   

Dead End and Zenonia are a couple others that are worth checking out.


Kram posted a comment   

Age of Conquest, Robo Defender, Gem Miner and Carrom3D are a few others which could easily have made this list.

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