Best Aussie inventions of all time

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Michelle Starr is the tiger force at the core of all things. She also writes about cool stuff and apps as CNET Australia's Crave editor. But mostly the tiger force thing.

Australians are an inventive lot, and have contributed amazing innovations and ideas that impact lives around the world every day. Here are some of the top inventions that you may or may not know came from our very own sunburnt country.

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MitchellT posted a comment   

what about the wifi decoder?


KarlJ posted a comment   

Very interesting but as a chemist who used AAS for many years the image has nothing to do with it that I can see. This one is more appropriate:



kuba2 posted a comment   

what about lawnmover
The Victa lawn mower was invented in 1952, in the Concord, Australia backyard of Mervyn Victor Richardson. In 1951, Mervyn's son Garry mowed lawns to earn ...


teamjet posted a comment   

aren't we a clever bunch!


ChrisM6 posted a comment   

Howard Florey invented a means of mass producing Penicillin. Saved 100 million lives..


DamienC1 posted a comment   

I think the ute changed a lot of people lifestyle quite a bit. But a very good list, thanks!


trevor911 posted a reply   

hey guys im trevor

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