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If you're after the perfect home-theatre experience, you need an A/V receiver.

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Soundbars and all-in-one home-theatre systems are great, but you still get the perfect experience from a quality receiver paired with a good selection of speakers that are the right size for your space.

Of course, this doesn't run cheap. With top-of-the-line receivers easily soaring past the AU$2000 mark, this can quickly become a very expensive set-up.

While you shouldn't look to skimp on the A/V receiver — it's the heart and soul of your home-theatre set-up, after all — there are still some good-quality options to be found for under Au$1000.

Here are just a few of the receivers we'd recommend at this price point. With the right speakers and TV to go with them, you can create the next best thing to a cinema experience, all in the comfort of your own lounge room.

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