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Bluetooth speakers are popular for quite a number of different reasons.

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First and foremost is the ubiquity and ease of Bluetooth. There aren't too many mobile devices that don't use Bluetooth, so if you're looking for a way to get enhanced audio from a range of different sources, these are a great choice. With some speakers including near-field communication (NFC), pairing them is as simple as touching them with your phone or tablet.

The portability of many Bluetooth speakers is another drawcard. Especially in the summer months, it's nice to be able to head outside and get the music of your choice — be it from the collection on your phone or via a streaming app, such as Spotify.

Audio purists will say that the fidelity with Bluetooth isn't as good as some other methods (such as AirPlay), and while they're technically correct, there are not many people who can really hear that difference. For casual listening, Bluetooth is just fine.

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