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Need a cheap camera? Never fear; we have you covered with the best models you can buy for under AU$300.

(Credit: Nikon)

Normally, we would advise you to proceed with caution when buying the cheapest or most basic camera. Fortunately, the models we've collected here are good alternatives to the expensive, top-of-the-line compacts. They can take a decent picture, too.

All the cameras we've listed come in at under AU$300 RRP, and you can probably find them even cheaper on the shelves. Don't forget to snap up a memory card to store your photos, which should only set you back by around AU$10 to AU$20, depending on the capacity. A camera case is also a worthy investment if you're planning to throw it around in a bag or suitcase, though pretty much all of these cameras come with either a wrist or neck strap in the box. All of these cameras run on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, with the exception being the Nikon Coolpix L810, which uses AA batteries.

Many of these cameras also come equipped with HD video, wide-angle lenses and 2.7-inch or 3-inch screens. It just goes to show that you don't have to sacrifice quality when spending a little less cash.

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TimO posted a comment   

Duty Free was selling two Cybershots for $200...


guringo posted a comment   

The image quality of the A495 is incredible for this camera level!
And many photos for only two AA bstteries: Better impossible!


Pammmy posted a comment   

Just picked one up on special at JB HiFi for $176. For that price you really can't go wrong for a little point and shoot camera!


Pammmy posted a reply   

Uhmmm .. that would be the Canon IXUS 105 that I just picked up.


Ben posted a comment   

IXUS 105 IS that is


Ben posted a comment   

These actually sell for around $200 now, so maybe the review should be updated? Great camera


Pauline posted a comment   

I am torn between the Canon Powershot SX210IS and the Panasonic Lumix TZ10, which one would be the easiest to use and best quality photos


Big_Car_Killa posted a reply   

The best thing is to try and use them both in your local camera store, and see which one suits you best.

The TZ10 is expensive, but if you can stretch it, there isnt a camera alive with a smarter Auto mode - making it a sinch to use.


EOS_PRO posted a reply   

go the canon it has the best image quality of the two


EOS_PRO posted a reply   

go the canon it has the best image quality of the two

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