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We've almost reached the point where every phone is essentially a "smartphone". So if you're looking for a cheap phone, whether prepaid or cheap on a small cap plan, here's some of the best phones to check out.

There's two good paths you can take for a great budget smartphone right now. One is to get a brand-spanking new model that is built for budget buyers, like the Nokia 520, and the other is to grab a great deal on an older model, like a Samsung Galaxy S2 or an iPhone 4.

Our list of top picks offers a little from both columns. It's also always worth checking in on major stores and telco outlets to keep an eye out for any special deals on phones that would usually have an upfront fee or a special drop to a cheap plan option.

Prices quoted in the gallery may be out of date. Check network sites for latest pricing and availability.

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reddog56026 posted a comment   

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus from Kogan 4mths ago for $169,and it's a great mid level entry smartphone.Have had no problems so far and the other great thing about it is it's not locked to any network,so that when you try to access apps it doesn't redirect you to there app store.


JohnN7 posted a comment   

I'm looking for a smartphone, cheaper better than dearer, to use for downloading to my laptop instead of having a SIM dongle and an extra account. What makes a decend phone, camera not very important, that will download lots of stuff fairly quickly for not more than $AU300?


221 posted a comment   



trebor83 posted a comment   

I'm sorry...? Nexus 4...?

When did a $350-$400 phone become "budget"?


Seamus Byrne posted a reply   

I felt it was worth having in the mix given you're getting high end power at half the price of many phones in the same tier. Perhaps we need a "great value" round up alongside the "budget" one?


DuaneT posted a comment   

RAZR V very cheap and solid phone.
PROS - Splash guard, rugged, expandable memory, decent screen, and stable.
Cons - 1ghz processor low internal memory, not a very good camera.

Good phone for someone that uses light apps and internet without spending a fortune.


techcrazy posted a comment   

Hi, i am looking for a smartphone under $200 that has a decent size capacitive touchscreen (3.3" or bigger hopefully), just to use for the basic things, games, but not big new HD games or anything, just games like angry birds, a decent music player, some web browsing, android, and a processor that could keep up with those things reasonably well. camera does not really matter, thanks.


Berky1 posted a comment   

How do I get to see the rest of the article and the list?


Chandler posted a reply   

Same - article is there but there isn't the usual image selection with the content underneath... tried in both Chrome and IE...


gazzfromoz posted a comment   

Acer Liqid no longer available in Australia, Acer do not intend to restock. I have one, pray it doesnt fail. :>

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