Best CAPTCHAs that won't break your head

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Don't you hate those CAPTCHAs that leave you squinting at the screen in irritated bewilderment? Here are some systems that are a little more user friendly.

CAPTCHA — or Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart — is that test that you'll find on some websites to verify that you're not a spam bot. Most of the time, you'll be typing a sequence of letters into a box. This is not a hard thing to do, you would think, until you get something that looks like this.

There are a few other systems out there that are much more friendly to the average user — some creative, some bare bones, but all minus that irritation of having to constantly click the refresh button. Here are some of our favourites.

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capyo posted a comment   

I like the first response on Confident's CAPTCHA solution. Its so simple for the user yet very secure. Not to mention they have great solve rates, better than any CAPTCHA on the market. Companies seeking a way to increase registration while maintaining security, this is for them.


AlysiaW posted a comment   

Yeah, I'm a fan of Digital Spin. They've got a simple bit of code that makes CAPTCHAs much more engaging.


BenH4 posted a comment   

Digital-Spin also have a cool CAPTCHA, it's fun and fast!


allycatt posted a comment   

I'm absolutely loving play thru at the moment. I'm glad its getting a lot of press coverage. I am so bad at reading conventional CAPTCHAs that i have started using CAPTCHA bypass extension software called rumola to enter them all for me! Its really good and I would recommend to any fellow CAPTCHA haters out there.

Lets hope things like play thru take over in the end!


LaurenM posted a comment   

Digital Spin's CAPTCHAs are great,

They have a game you can play to show how badly standard CAPTCHAs compare to their offering,

You can see all their demos here,


CTISN01 posted a comment   

I like the CAPTCHA shown on this page:

Just click the badge on that page to launch the CAPTCHA. Companies can also brand it to match their website or promote their services.

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