Best car stereos on a student's budget

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Derek loves nothing more than punching a remote location into a GPS, queuing up some music and heading out on a long drive, so it's a good thing he's in charge of CNET Australia's Car Tech channel.

If you're driving to uni or the last few years of high school, then it's likely that your humble steed is greying around the ears and not terribly well equipped to handle the new world of digitised musical entertainment. Fear not, for CNET Australia is coming to your rescue!

For this round-up-cum-guide, we've picked out all of the name-brand car stereos with an RRP under AU$200 that are equipped with a front-mounted USB port and auxiliary jack. Given the heavy discounts available at retail stores, you should be able to cut the price by at least 35 per cent. If you're feeling particularly skint, and don't want to pay someone to do the hard work for you, then check out our in-depth step-by-step guide on how to install a car stereo.

Should you find a USB-equipped stereo too much of stretch financially, entry-level units from the name brands (Sony, Pioneer, Alpine, Eclipse, JVC, Kenwood and Philips) all come with an auxiliary jack, but no USB port. This will no doubt necessitate the need for a USB charging port for your MP3 player of choice. Something like TomTom's High Speed Multi-Charger is a good choice, as it has two USB ports, while providing you with a replacement 12V socket for a GPS.

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HrM posted a comment   

Pioneer MVH-150UI


Transmission posted a comment   

To call the piece 'best car stereos on a student's budget' is a bit rich if you have not actually reviewed or tested the products. With that sort of title i thought this was a comparison of the units themselves not an overview of their specs. I would like to know which one sounds the best for with all the sources, cd, tuner, aux jack etc.
Which one plays CD's without skipping (cd lasers in budget units are notorious for skipping on anything other than perfect cds). Which one is easiest to use. etc etc.
All i know from this is that they have 40-50 wpc,cd, tuner and aux input, well don't they all.

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