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Can't afford a GoPro? We put three cheap action cameras under AU$150 to the test to determine which one should win your cash.

Our three contenders are the Navig8r Sports Cam, Kaiser Baas X80 and Kogan Action Camera, which all retail for less than AU$150. We set them a series of challenges, which you can watch in the video below.


The beauty of action cameras is their ability to be attached to virtually any surface (or person). That means the mounting system can often make or break an action camera because it might not have the right attachment for your needs. Here is a rundown of what is provided in the box of these cheap action cams:

Kogan Action Camera Kaiser Baas X80 Navig8r Sports Camera
  • Roll-bar/bike mount

  • Helmet mount

  • Suction-cup mount

  • Bike mount

  • Curved mount

  • Handlebar mount

  • Suction-cup mount

  • Helmet mount and strap

The Kaiser Baas X80 is also compatible with many existing GoPro mounts.

Still looking for a cheap action camera? Your other alternative is to consider one of last season's models from the big manufacturers: GoPro or Sony. For another AU$100 you can pick up a Hero3 or original Sony Action Cam if your budget allows.

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