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One week on from Curiosity landing on Mars, the rover has started sending back some pretty intriguing pictures in high-resolution colour of the landscape. Here are our favourite images so far.

Curiosity has a long way to go before she can even move out of her new home on the bed of the Gale Crater, but some magnificent photos are already coming back from Mars — first in 3D, and then in high-resolution colour.

Of course, Opportunity has been snapping away up there for eight years, as seen in this glorious interactive panorama, but the more the merrier, right?

The images that have been sent back so far were taken by seven cameras mounted on Curiosity's mast.

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JuniperMaei posted a comment   

Awesome imagery. Great choice of pics :)


Sammy. posted a comment   

This is truly a great photo gallery, thanks Michelle for compiling this :)


SaraS1 posted a comment   

Earth Is The True Planet Of War, Not Mars (Curiosity Rover)

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