Best eco iPhone apps for Earth Hour

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Once every year, people around the globe turn off their electricity for an entire hour and consider the effect that their lifestyle has on our planet. Here are some apps that will help you manage your eco-footprint all year round.

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Coal 'n' oil posted a comment   

What's 'earth hour'?


stewie posted a comment   

i hpoe my iphone doesn't need charging when its earth hour


Greenwash posted a comment   

It's great to be so eco-friendly while using a smart phone that you had to rape the planet to afford (your job, stupid). I'm sure it gives users a warm inner carbon blow to know how great they are at saving the environment. Consume less, you'll be happier!


That guy posted a reply   

nice bot of trolling there greenwash.


uh huh posted a reply   

completely agree. the world would be better if people didn't buy unnecessary items (do we really need to update iPhones and iPads every year?) and litter india with e-waste.

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