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Not all iPod FM transmitters are created equal — some have dodgy cradles that fling your iPod around the cabin, others roll over at the first sign of interference. We pick four of the best, so you can have your tunes everywhere you drive.

No matter how good an FM transmitter is, it will never be a match for a direct connection to your iPod or MP3 player, but if your car's sound system lacks an auxiliary input or USB port, and you're not willing to rip it out and install a new unit, then it's the easiest option.

We rate Belkin's TuneCast Auto highly for its good sound and uncomplicated design. If you need a cradle for your iPod and a few more pre-sets the Cygnett GrooveTransmit is a worthy choice. Those looking to kill two birds (navigation and iPod music on the radio) the Navman MY75T offers decent sounding music, good navigation and music straight from an SD card. The only in-car digital radio tuner, the Pure Highway, also comes with a line-in port and FM transmitter.

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SteveMoraigne posted a comment   

I'd still prefer my Belkin Aircast (bluetooth not Fm tranmitter) over any of these :P


LindaM posted a comment   

it does say the best so I think thats comprehensive enough. Ive tried one of the other brands, cheap and crap!


Pumpkin posted a comment   

I've been really disappointed with mine. The you-beaut autoscan feature doesn't work very well at all - it tends to change the "best" frequencies every few seconds, & the ones it "finds" in Sydney are often right next to the biggest FM radio stations. I can always find a better frequency manually, so that feature has been a waste of money. In fact, the thing has just died - the plug fell apart & when I glued it back together, it blew the fuse on my cigarette lighter. And it's not as if I haven't looked after it, cos I have. I would give it a 2.5 out of 5


DerekF posted a comment   

DVSTA8, the two iPod FM transmitters listed here do charge the iPod. And despite my desire to have kobe beef washed down by bottle of red from 1990 every night, sometimes budgets dictate that we must have $5 rump steak accompanied by a cheap merlot.


Toshseller posted a comment   

what about the Motorola roka 510 geeze blue tooth hands free and a FM transmitter, has to be a the best kit i have ever used even scans for free stations and tells when its battery needs charging, whoes phoning me and only $130.00


DVSTA8 posted a comment   

I couldn't agree more with Nasa0912

C'mon Cnet.

FM Transmittters ???
What about charging the iPOD, video playback etc.???

FM Transmitters are so 2004 tech and are a cheap man's merlot!


Nasa0912 posted a comment   

Is it just me, or does anyone else find a review on a whole THREE units useless? Surely there are other units out there that could make this review slightly more comprehensive?!

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