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Gadgets do magnificent things these days — even down to helping you exercise. Here is a collection of our favourite tech for getting in shape.

Have we missed your favourite sports gadget? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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NickH2 posted a comment   

You should look at the TwoNav Ultra, a watch/bike GPS with the uniqueness of being the only fully fledged mapping and navigating GPS that can be attached to a wrist strap or a bike mount. Available through TwoNav Australia or viewable at Ideal primarily for hiking and biking due to screen size but can be used as a street navigator. Move over Garmin!


j3xt3r posted a comment   

You've missed the the selection of iPhone connected goodies from Wahoo Fitness. I'm a satisfied user of their heart monitor and also hope to upgrade my old faithful cycle computer to their speed/cadence monitor which will work in conjunction with my HRM whilst out spinning the pedals.


TravisH posted a comment   

Garmin 910XT is the boss for run/swim/bike


JonoK79 posted a comment   

Unsure as to why you put in the UFC trainer game since it is quite well known to be absolute rubbish... just sayin.


Michelle Starr posted a reply   

Well, feel free to recommend something you think better :)

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