Best gaming laptops

Whether it's for showing off at a LAN or delivering awesome power in a package you can tuck away on a shelf, gaming laptops are a special breed.

Gaming has been the most dedicated domain of the DIY PC desktop builders, constantly upgrading and tweaking to keep maximising power through years of use. But as gamers grow up, they lose the time for tweaking and just want to dive in and play. That means either a shift to consoles or the tidy package that a gaming laptop can bring.

"Budget" isn't really part of the gaming laptop mindset, so our round-up features some of the most expensive laptops you're likely to find on the market today.

If you just want to play a few games now and then, you might be happy with a better-priced general-purpose laptop featuring Intel's latest Haswell processors. But for those who want to maximise their framerates in a well-built package, these are the laptops to explore.

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CadeD posted a comment   

I love my older model Toshiba. Swear by it. It just never fails. True, it is heavy as hell for a laptop, and the battery life is LOL, but the damn thing has taken a serious beating and you'd never know it aside from a few busted plastic bits on the exterior. Plus I love the screen and keyboard. It's been worth every cent I spent on it. If I was in the market for new gaming laptop right now, I'd go with the new Toshiba because even though I so wish they'd improve the battery life and make it a tad lighter, I just don't know if I could do without the better things with these laptops. They're solid machines for some solid gaming.


arthus posted a comment   

Its ok but i just bought the new Origin Eon 17 way faster craps all over this -


Shannon.Roberts posted a reply   

Base in mind, once you have finished customising and wanting a high powered laptop, the price still comes around $3k - $4k anyway.

Add the 16/32gig ram, higher end processor and graphics card.


JeremyC1 posted a comment   

i really like the aleinware m11x even though it does not have an internal disc drive and is very small ,I would buy it anyday for gaming


andritam a cahya posted a comment   

so beautiful laptop,,


mdog2012 posted a comment   

i just got a brand new alienware m15x with the the i7 840 core 3.2ghz and 8gb memory and nvidia geforce 260 graphics card and a samsung 256gb ssd also with double slot bluray drive and it came to 4500 dollars. IT kiks arse and was worth every penny. alienware rules. all else is inadequate and inferior.


Madman299 posted a reply   

HAHA $4500 thats joke, the parts my be desent but you are just another uninformed person that pays alienware 2k ontop of actuall cost.

L2Build computers.

P.S my computer cost me $2100 and it T-Bags the crap out of yours


minrat posted a reply   

ummmm-where did you get yours?????


minrat posted a reply   

ummmm-where did you get yours?????


Alien War! posted a comment   

I think you and your bloody Alienware belong in Hell Together


Alien War! posted a comment   

War (music accents) What is it good For,
absolutely nothing say it again!

Edwin Starr.

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