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The latest generation of Intel Core processors, the 4th Generation, also known as Haswell, offers a diverse range of features. Power management has come on strong, so that the latest laptops can balance high-powered performance alongside good battery life.

But it also means that you'll find similar chips in laptops designed for very different purposes. We've seen desktop replacements, ultrabooks and hybrids, with many more on the way.

Here's a ranking of some of the best scores we've given out so far. We'll update this list as new laptops pass through the labs.

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darylcheshire posted a comment   

I wish that for gaming laptops that battery life is less considered.
I could leave the battery at home which would make it lighter.
I have the MSI GTX780 and I always plan on playing games from the mains, for example, in a motel.
It does last a few hours when browsing or using MS Office.
It might be more reasonable to expect 10-12 hours on a non-gaming spec machine for Office etc when travelling all day.


grumpi posted a comment   

I'm looking for a 13" Haswell Ultrabook with Intel HD5000 series graphics.

The only one I can find is the Macbook Air.
Not keen on that as I need to run Windows and I won't have enough SSD space for both OS's and my files.


EdwinP posted a reply   

Same here.

I'm looking for some moderate gaming capabilities on a highly portable laptop, and from what I've heard the Iris Pro should be enough to handle even moderately high graphics on modern games. Thus no need for dedicated graphics card, which hopefully means increased battery life and lighter weight.

I'm wondering whether there will be a Haswell upgrade for the Surface Pro...

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