Best home cinema devices of 2009

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In 2010, 3D Blu-ray will be unleashed upon the world in a sink or swim effort from the likes of Panasonic and Sony. But that's next year, what happened this year?

While 2009 lacked that "gotcha" technology, mostly due to economical rationalisation, there were a couple of gadgets that really impressed us.

We've yet to see what the impact of digital radio will be, but in the middle of this year DAB+ was officially launched and a slew of superior sounding gadgets started filling our shelves.

Following on from this, streaming gadgets are becoming all the rage and consoles, set-top boxes and even televisions themselves can now stream YouTube or your MP3 collection through your home cinema system.

DVD players are a bit old hat now, and the ascendency of Blu-ray (and the availability of decent discs) has meant that it's a good time to invest in the DVD's successor. Below you'll find not only high-quality Blu-ray players but whole systems built around the technology.

Here are some of the best gadgets home cinema had to offer this year. You may also want to check the best TVs to complement them.

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