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So, you've just dropped north of 600 bucks on a shiny new iPad. You've taken it out of its case — having carefully watched our video of how to open it in Circular Quay for inspiration — and admired just how shiny it is.

Keeping it shiny isn't going to be an easy matter, and there's no end of vendors offering up all kinds of accessories to improve your iPad experience. How good are they? We grabbed as many as we could and put them through iPad boot camp to separate the loser products from the heroes.

We invited vendors to submit samples from their range, including official Apple accessories as well as third-party products from Belkin, PADACS, Targus, Kensington and Laser.

Updated August 2010

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ClausH posted a comment   

Looks awesome, but why not buy a version that comes with case? Like this one:


JeremyR posted a comment   

The keyboard dock is fantastic! Also there are cool Mossimo cases at JB Hi-Fi for added protection / use as stand to watch podcast, ted talks, movies, etc


n[A]ce posted a comment   

A comment about the iPad keyboard dock - The iPad sits loosely on the dock so if you're not careful the iPad easily falls off with the potential to damage the connector and more importantly the iPad itself. A little too simple of a design to not integrate a secure fit for such a heavy device. I returned it and would give a rating of 6/10. The concept is great though much prefered if it could flip horizontally and had a secure fit.


Stevo posted a comment   

by far the best iPad case is the otterbox defender case. Sure it is expensive but I never worry about it getting scratches or the occasional drops.


Melt posted a reply   

Yeah but when the case is used to prop it up - it doesn't look entirely flat - does it rock about if you were to type on it?


Tdiggity5 posted a reply   

Nope no rocking, I ahve had mine on for 6 months and love it


Tdiggity5 posted a reply   

Nope no rocking, I ahve had mine on for 6 months and love it


Alexia posted a comment   

I do miss a review on Ipad Cases. I got one from Medge on an Australian site alled EreadersRus. Great Leather case. But would have loved it a bit cheaper although the quality is superb.


Craig posted a comment   

I've got the Apple (TM) Ipad (TM) case and the Belkin (TM) Grip Groove (TM) case and each has its use.

Belkin Grip Groove (TM) case is best for reading or using the ipad in almost all conditions. What it doesn't do is protect the screen when in my backpack.

The Apple (TM) Ipad (TM) case is used for transporting in the backpack and has the nice feature that it sort of doubles up as a stand.

Next up will be a netbook case that is like a school pencil case. There is one I saw that has adequate space for a cable and usb flash drive in an outer pocket. Pity we don't get the range of accessories in Australia that the USA gets.


axio posted a comment   

I used a nude cover for a while - it was ok however bits of grit got stuck in the edges between the cover and the iPad Aluminium border and this led to bad scratches.

I've since gone to using the Apple iPad case and can say it's very good. I was initially hesitant due to all the bad reviews but I've found it the best case so far - it's slim, has great protection and a good variety of angles for general usage. It's a little difficult to get out of the case, but you eventually get the hang of it. It does mark a little easily, but it's only visual and I say harden up. 9/10

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