Best iPhone 5 cases

Australians love the iPhone 5, but Apple's vision of one design (or two, if you count "white" as being a separate design) won't appeal to everybody. That's where iPhone cases come into their own.

It was mere minutes after the iPhone 5's unveiling that cases started to flood the market. But which case is the right one for you? We've gone head to head (well, OK, case to phone) with 32 cases to pick out the best iPhone 5 cases that money can buy.

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TestoneT posted a comment   

Check theese out I have seen on in Oz


AndrewS13 posted a comment   

Have you checked out G-Form's iPhone 5 case? You can pre-order now.


PauliusN posted a comment   

This list is ok, nothing special, it just feels that some at CNET does not like to do reasearch and only selected out if 10 brands 60 cases that are not based on quality but on some kind of other hiden advertisment criteria.

There are so many great other companies that for some reason does not fit in this list. I would recomend to check few other places and even has a lot more iphone 5 cases.


Joseph Hanlon posted a reply   

There's no advertising agenda here; these are cases in Australia that we have had a chance to actually see and feel, not just browse images of online.

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