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Earlier this year Apple changed its smartphone strategy, launching two different iPhones into the market at the same time.

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To a degree, it was Apple admitting that, even when it comes to the iPhone, one size doesn't fit all. Of course, if you want a smartphone experience outside of the iOS ecosystem, then you're even more spoiled for choice.

Choosing an iPhone alternative, especially if you're an existing iPhone user looking to change, can often be a bit daunting.

It may be best to start by looking at what feature of the iPhone you'd like to be different. If you're after a bigger screen, then most of the options below offer that. If you want a camera with more megapixels, then there are plenty of top-snapping phones as well. If you want raw processing power... well, you'd better stick with the iPhone 5s for that, actually.

What's also hard to recommend at the moment is a phone with a dedicated keyboard. While the BlackBerry Q10 is available, BlackBerry itself is going through some major upheavals, and we'd encourage people to think twice before jumping on-board with a company in such a state of flux.

In all, we've never had so much choice when it comes to smartphones, and we're pretty confident that you'll find the perfect iPhone alternative for your needs in our suggestions below.

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ChrisL5 posted a comment   

OrientDeal have pressed a perfect iPad Mini Alternative.a dual core 8 inch Mini tablet PC with the latest android.
4.1 OS can Go with Google Play(equal to App store of Apple) called Goo pad Mini, it have the same 1024*768 resolution as iPad Mini,a better Dual Core GHz CPU. Instead of limited ROM(Memory, Goo pad Mini Can support GB extended Rom or called Goo pad, But its price is 129 droller.


chaset posted a comment   

If only the battery life was longer...


RegD posted a comment   

Not sure why when it comes to articles on great phones, be it alternative or simply on their own merits, article writers completely miss mentioning the HTC Velocity. I realise it was rushed out a bit with 4G, but it is a really great speedy and reliable phone. Removable battery (I even added a 3500 ah battery that cost $10,and now get two days use) room for extra memory space it also on-board. Upgrade to ICS and the 1.5 gig processor makes it a speedy device to use.


zoot posted a comment   

OK...the phones battery life is shocking!

I'm a company manager/director and I run 2 phones, one 9900 B'Berry and the new iphone 4S.

The BB can push out all manner of documentation in a day and battery life is about 2 days.

The new iPhone4S 64G [3 days old] has very few apps downloaded, siri turned off, location finders turned off and I'm halfway through the battery by midday. Granted it handles graphics well and all that, but up against the BB with a 2 day battery life and a full QWERTY key board...the 4S is not as far in front as most would have you believe.


ozoneocean posted a comment   

Hahaha, nooooo, definitely NOT "the benchmark", unless you're a complete smartphone neophyte. The reason it's used for comparison is because it's such an extremely well known, iconic, branded device. To the average non-tech person the "iphone" basically means the same thing as "smartphone" and for them smartphones didn't exists before the iphone.

That's why it's used this way ;)


DavisF posted a comment   

(I meant Palm pre 2 and 3)


DavisF posted a comment   

Looking at the list, I guess I'll stick with my pr%u0113 2 for now unless I can get my hands on a pr%u0113³, nothing can beat webOS even when HP has killed it.


Will1505 posted a comment   

i think we forgot the one phone the kills anything on the market today.....

Nokia 3310 :)


Joseph Hanlon posted a reply   

How could I forget the 3310! :p


SamuelN posted a reply   

One of the best phones ever made.

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