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Michelle Starr is the tiger force at the core of all things. She also writes about cool stuff and apps as CNET Australia's Crave editor. But mostly the tiger force thing.

Life, alas, isn't all about fun. Here is a collection of our favourite apps to help you get the job done.

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JennyT1 posted a comment   

Amazing, why dont you try I used it and very satisfied. Because I dont have to keep my cards with me like before. And my cards will be stored in serve forever. I am not concerned about them, that's great


Jeremey posted a comment   

ITrade is essential for my field staff and office. Saves a mountain of paperwork and our mobile bills groped through the floor.


iccpay posted a comment   

Another great credit card mobile payments app in Australia is iCCPay check it out at


jMurray posted a comment   

Weird you did not mention Wamp in there... With that great app my partners know instantly when they can reach me or why they can't.

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