Best iPhone travel apps

Travelling can be a zen thing; an escape. Some might enjoy the feeling of leaving behind their email account, of no one knowing where they are, of being ... disconnected.

Some of us, on the other hand, prefer to have their smartphone alive and in the mix.

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aslsw66 posted a comment   

After having travelled extensively in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, the two absolutely must-have apps for me are:

- OffMaps: offline maps downloaded to your phone, that integrate with the GPS. Perfect for not getting lost. I've even used it on public transport so that I know when a stop is coming up.

- Skype wifi: get wifi access at lots of locations using your Skype credit to pay by the minute. It's a very easy way to stay in touch. I've used it to have a Skype video call back to Australia whilst sitting in a park in Geneva.


jsicarii posted a reply   

I've tried Offmaps (actually offmaps 2) and I agree, they can be useful; data free and help you stay on track! The range of maps seems to be lacking, but apparently they are pretty good at responding to the 'request map' queries (according to user comments).

Still, iIdidn't find the detail on some of them as good as I'd hoped.

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