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Looking for a new TV? We've rounded up our top-rated LCD TVs across a range of screen sizes and pricing.

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In 2010, 55-inch and larger TVs accounted for just 12 per cent of the Australian market. These days, it's one of the fastest growing screen sizes, with prices plummeting to make the large screens highly affordable. And lets be honest: with plenty of TVs on the market running to 65 inches and above, suddenly a 55-inch screen doesn't seem all that enormous.

It hasn't been that long since plasma was the preferred technology for larger screens, but LCD has quickly closed that gap with advances such as LED backlighting and improvements in refresh rates. In fact, plasma is well on the wane, with even Panasonic saying that it'll finish making plasma TVs early next year.

Smart TVs, too, have become the default rather than a special feature. As you'll see in this list of reviews, network capabilities are also getting more and more impressive, both from a home networking perspective and from a greater IPTV application landscape.

Interestingly, 3D-ready TVs are now the norm as well, despite the continuing lukewarm reception to home 3D viewing from the public. A mix of active and passive 3D panels continues, with neither of the two technologies becoming a clear market leader.

Finally, Ultra HD is now a reality, and while there's no reason to not consider buying one, the lack of content and the relatively high price mean you don't need to rush out just yet.

So with no further preamble, here's our recommended selection of LCD TVs in a wide variety of sizes and prices.

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19641958 posted a comment   

Mr Penfold 357007 you say you don't like 55 inches and we in Australia should talk in metrics because we converted in 1970 ok then baby go ahead and talk in metrics and say 139 cms instead of 55 inches you will be confusing everyone and if you had your own Harvey Norman store I love to see you selling TVs with your stupid cms metrics on every TVs I bet you go broke and nobody will buy from you baby Penford!!


penfold357007 posted a comment   

OK, here's the way it is. All praise and thanks for a great article and a brilliant website but REALLY? 55 inch! In this freedom loving democracy called Australia we are actually metricated and started using the metric system in 1947 when Australia signed the metre convention. Just because the backward debt sucking cesspit known as America still fiercely adheres to their neanderthal measurement system doesn't mean we have to. As a matter of fact we don't. It has been legislated in Australia to use metric! (See Metric Conversion Act 1970) I have no idea what 55 inches is and I absolutely refuse to learn. Every singe county in the WORLD (Excluding USA


dalf101 posted a comment   

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