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Last year, for the first time since CNET Australia started, an LCD television surpassed a plasma as our favourite screen of the year.

Year on year, LCD technology keeps on improving, while the improvements in plasma are more modest. While the quality increases, the price keeps on dropping, which means that LCD represents much better value for money than before.

Until recently, the maxim was that screens over 40 inches were the domain of plasma, while under 40 inches was the preserve of LCD, but this is changing. It's safe to say that all but the bargain bin LCDs of 40-plus inches feature a 1080p resolution and full HD tuners.

Most of this crop of TVs feature LED backlighting, which results in deeper blacks and better colours, and smart TV in some form. Playback in 3D is also becoming popular.

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MichaelE2 posted a comment   

You are easily pleased champ! Sonic is horrible!


32 inch samsung LA32s71B posted a comment   

i bought this lcd tv about 5 years ago for $1350 aud. its made in thailand but the picture is well clear n crisp & im entirely happy with it even if i got ripped off all those years back but for that time i researched the hell out of many reveiws & racked heaps of store techys brains & read heaps of pc/tv//gadjet magazines/ratings & online articles, the price back then wasnt too bad but laugh away if u want.

ive hooked it up with a HD STB & its a very satisfying setup with a sleek remote & menu interface. im in mind
for a new 40/42 inch LCD or LED soon & theyre around
$900 now. i keep hearing that samsung are somehow inferior etc but im very happy & still am with mine & its never showed any sign of skipping or pixelaltion errors etc so shes like new, the response time is 8ms however i failed to find the hz rate? im assuming its 100hz.

anyway, can anyone reccommend me a decision on a sharp, samsung or sony 40 incher LCD as ive found all
3 for around the same price, thats the dillema i face now
or is that too general a question to ask as models differ somewhat?

id like to add that a few of my mates have commented on how great the tv looks, design & picture quality.

thanks "

$900 aud now for a 100hz.


Roy posted a reply   

We bought a Samsung 42" LCD and, to be honest, since buying it around 8-9 months ago I have never stopped being amazed at the depth of the picture and the sharpness and colouring. I would NEVER, EVER buy a Samsung but at that time it was bigger and (seemed) better that any of the other major names (at JB HiFi)anyway. Well worth the money in our opinion. Just bought a 55" Sony Bravia LCD but not tested yet; if it is as good as the Samsung I will be extremely pleased.


black baz posted a comment   

samsung, sony et al ... bah ...!!!

massively overpriced for what they offer ....

6 months ago, i purchased a 42 inch "SONIQ" full hd, lcd TV for $670 ...!!! and it is brilliant !!!

this is after buying a "SONIQ" 19 inch lcd TV 6 years ago at the beginning of the LCD revolution .. and it has not missed a beat in that time ...

Cnet did a positive review of "SONIQ" LCD tv's not so long ago ... you therefore MUST question why only "brand" names are covered in this review .. highly questionable for mine .. !!!


MichaelE2 posted a reply   

Sonic??? Are you on drugs?


8020 posted a comment   

Samsung and LG sell the most products because the average person does not care about quality. Nor are they willing to pay for it or Pioneer would still be making TV's. Average Joe and Jo want bang for buck.

It is quite simple. Electronics/white goods are like cars. European and Japanese make the best quality and the most expenive.

Would you choose a Getz or a Mini if money was not a problem?

Why are brands like Metz and Loewe not incluced cnet?

Samnung and LG = Getz.


paul posted a comment   

my family has had the same analogue tv for over 30 years and it hasnt broken down once... why would i want a hdtv when i have foxtel and a tv that hasnt gone to waste yet :)


jack posted a comment   

if money was not a problem id go the Metz Primus 55 it got the tv of the year in an award.


Mr.Crowbar posted a comment   

Well Clark, this is because we are all losers. No one gives a dxxn about Australia that's why we always receive 2nd grade products with top of the range price lol. Pathetic but there is nothing we can do. I am going to buy Sharp Quattron or Sony KDL series during X'Mas crazy sales. I worked in retravision before and I know the quality of Korea products :) Unless I got them free or I won't spend a penny on LG or Samsung.

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