Best mid-range digital SLRs

These dSLR cameras cost between AU$1,000 to AU$1,500. They're not the cheapest models around, but they're worth the extra dough.

These models live in a sort of limbo: they offer more flexibility, customisation, and generally better performance than their cheaper siblings — for a higher price tag, of course. However, they tend to lack the flexibility, durability, and performance needed by most professional photographers. Also, not all newbies will be satisfied with a cheap model, and not all pros require the machine-gun speed of an expensive one. Whether you're ready to step up from your first SLR or need a second body to supplement your pro camera, these models are the ones to choose from.

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canberra_photographer posted a comment   

Um, the Canon 40D isn't a mid range dSLR? It's considered a semi-pro unit and at $1899 on the street, could easily fall into this category.

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