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If you've decided that you prefer Optus over the competition, then this is for you: a smartphone shopping list to take with you the next time you go browsing for a new handset.

This guide brings all of Optus' best phones into one place. If you're an Optus customer looking to upgrade, these are our picks for the best phones in the telco's range at this time. We've even included a few of our favourite prepaid models, including the Samsung Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Gio — two of the most searched-for phones in the CNET Australia database.

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Curly posted a comment   

The Galaxy S is great, except for the sync software Kies, it is useless - not as good as Nokia or Apple.


NCHC posted a comment   

This is just a poorly disguised ad for Optus


DiscoStu posted a comment   

If you're an Optus customer, chances are you don’t want to stay one. Seriously, why would you want to put a smart phone on this slow, unreliable network?

It’s like running a Ferrari on LPG.

There’s no point shelling out for a smart phone unless you go the full experience of a proper network.

I’m an dropt-us customer and will be paying out my contract and moving back to Telsta at the end of Nov.


Mechan1k posted a reply   

Actually with DI Lpg todays supercars run just the same with no noticeable change in power. also optus is more reliable, cheaper and just plain better customer service then telstra not to mention faster where i am


:) posted a comment   

The iPhone does not have a 1 Ghz processor. It has a under-clocked processor running at 800 mHz.

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