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Small, portable and cheap, pocket camcorders are now gaining popularity down under. We take a look at three of the best and the features that set them apart.

All the models here have RRPs of AU$300 and boast "HD" video capture. Don't be fooled, though. While the video resolution is HD-sized, image quality falls a long way short of conventional AU$1000-plus high-def camcorders.

The Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5K has the best video quality of the bunch, and also features a swivelling lens head and a 360-degree panoramic view lens attachment to boot. Those hankering for improved sound quality should check out of the Kodak Zi8 and its external microphone jack.

Flip, the brand most commonly associated with this category, comes in third place for this round-up. The MinoHD has good looks on its side, but the video quality is the poorest in this lot and there's no way of adding more storage space either.

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