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It's one thing to have an expensive 5.1 surround sound stereo system set up at home, but aren't there plenty of times when you wish you could listen to your music when you're out and about? Perhaps you're having a picnic with friends, or maybe stuck in a caravan on a rainy long weekend.

Increasingly, people are using their mobile phones as their music players, and as such we are seeing more and more portable speaker systems either manufactured by the handset companies like Nokia and Sony Ericsson, or by third-party audio companies.

Portable speaker systems are always difficult to choose. The size and price of these speakers are usually a warning about the quality of sound produced, and often we find these devices lacking in rich bass, favouring the treble and making them sound tinny. That said, some of these systems offer connectivity options, like A2DP stereo Bluetooth, which you don't usually find in products made for MP3 players, especially iPod docks.

As with most tech, the rule of thumb tends to be that you get what you pay for. Below is a list of some of the best portable speakers we've reviewed at CNET Australia.

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Andrey posted a comment   

Sony Ericsson bluetooth stereo speakers are the BEST !!

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