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We've rounded up the best racing games from the last year and a bit. There should be something for everyone regardless of whether you're into realistic driving simulators, arcade racers, karting fun replete with power-ups or something a little bit different.

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Benny posted a comment   

What about Grid and Dirt 2 .Dirt 2 has graphics which lightyears behind all other rally games the new wrc doesn't even come close And grid was pretty good too. Codemasters create


simboes posted a comment   

Also Giving GT5 the same score as blur and split/second is a huge mistake haha. Those games had bad graphics, gameplay and car selection. GT5 only has bad looking standard cars because they put them in. Wouldn't you rather have more cars that look bad than no cars at all like forza and all its competitors?!


simboes posted a comment   

Lol, online lobby system for Gt5 is perfect. Easy to find your mates and continue on with the party. This is how people want to race! With their friends!! not a some stupid matchmaking system that other games use!


martinng posted a comment   

Where is need for speed shift?


Damez posted a comment   

Agreed, GT5P, though only a prologue, is an irrevocable heavyweight. I'd have it top of this list or second at worst. Have not played Forza...


lulz posted a comment   

You just lost all credibility by putting Need for Speed Nitro in this list

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