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Party season is coming on. Want to make it really special? Try some of these fabulous re-creations of video-game food.

Food and drink can be vital in video games: they restore our health, energy and magic; provide skill trees to be explored; and give power-ups and other boosts. They don't do that in real life, mostly (except for maybe the energy thing, since we need food to, you know, live), but they can be absolutely delicious, as a few enquiring kitchen experimenters have revealed.

There are a few places around the web to find re-creations of some of the foods in video games that may or may not have set your mouths to watering. And if these float your geeky gourmand boat, head on over to check out Inn at the Crossroads as well, where two very dedicated A Song of Ice and Fire fans are lovingly reconstructing the dishes from George RR Martin's series.

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