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For a while after the original iPad launched, it looked like 10-inch screens were going to rule the tablet world.

In fact, smaller-screen tablets, such as Dell's Streak, were often given short shrift by reviewers and users alike.

It's quite a different landscape now, with plenty of tablets shrinking down to become friendlier in terms of portability — and in price.

Whether you like the raw screen real estate of a larger tablet or the slimmed-down form factor of a small screen really depends on your individual usage. For many, a small tablet allows for easier one-handed operation, making it more convenient for public transport and better when used as an e-reader substitute.

It's also worth noting that you won't need to sacrifice on speed these days — there are plenty of small-screen tablets with lots of power under the hood.

However, if you're after a Windows 8.1 tablet, there's not a lot of choice in the under-10.1 market. We're starting to see a few trickle through, however, and there are even some rumours that Microsoft will be launching a version of Surface with an 8-inch screen.

For the moment, though — iPad Mini aside, obviously — this is a tablet size that's dominated by Android.

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