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Despite being around for more than a few years now, soundbars have taken off in Australia, with more and more manufacturers bringing the slimline sound solutions into the local market.

There are a couple of advantages the soundbar has over a full surround system. They're usually far cheaper for one, but it's the simplicity and lack of clutter that's the big appeal for many people.

Using a soundbar means you don't need to string wires all around your lounge room, nor deal with complex set-ups for speaker arrangements — you just a put the soundbar in front of your TV and find some room for the subwoofer (if it comes with one). That's it.

It's also appealing for people in smaller houses or flats not only because of the easy set-up, but also because the soundbar's emulation of surround sound tends to work a little better in smaller spaces.

Soundbars often don't sound as good as true separate speakers, especially with music, but for movies and TV shows, they're going to be a lot better than your TV's built-in speakers.

We've got a very detailed guide on how to choose a soundbar here, but below are a few of the best soundbars on the market today in a broad range of prices.

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GrahamK posted a comment   

Sony, the company offering products you don't want, and the products you do are 'unavailable'. Stellar way to run a company folks.


Man Child posted a comment   

Yes I would also like to see the Sony HTCT100 in Australia. Come on Sony let's do this.


Bill posted a comment   

Phillips also have soundbars with built-in DVD, tuner, firmware upgradable, ipod, usb, hdmi etc plus sub0woofer. very good sound quality and simple to set-up with on screen commands and software tweaks the acoustics.


joji posted a comment   

we want Sony Sound Bar HT-CT100....please Sony bring it over to Australia and don't price it much. cheers!


Daftgown posted a comment   

Doesn't look like anytime soon, I emailed Sony Australia and they basically told me they had no information about the product, meaning they're not planning on bringing it out. They'd probably charge AU$1000 for it anyway, because you know, the Australian dollar is so horrible right now.


brendan posted a comment   

when will we get the Sony HT CT100 which is cheaper than any of these and has 3 HDMI inputs

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