Best televisions for the Rugby World Cup

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If you've been looking to buy a new TV, and mean to use the Rugby World Cup as the excuse, then we have a selection of TVs for you.

This year's Rugby World Cup in New Zealand will see Australia face off against 19 other teams from around the world. The cup runs from 9 September to 23rd October, with venues stretching from one end of the country to the other. Nine Network has the rights to this year's contest.

Traditionally, plasma was our favourite for sport, due to its quick response time — but an LCD, such as the Sony Bravia HX925, includes an excellent 200Hz mode that makes motion blur in sport a thing of the past.

If you're a rugby fan, then Samsung and LG TVs also include an NRL Game Analyser, with full and searchable past games available 24/7!

No matter what TV you choose, each one of them will ensure that you don't miss a second of Rugby World Cup action!

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AndrewK1 posted a comment   

This is a silly article. What TV is the best to watch Rugby on? Seriously.


mullavan posted a comment   

I would definately stick with plasma if you are a true sports fan.
Whilst the new 200hz mode lcds sound great in theory, they just don't look natural with motion compared to a good plasma.
Thats without even mentioning plasma's many other strengths over lcd.
I have both in my house, and whilst lcd has caught up, plasma still rules to my eyes once away from the bright shop lights and saleman jargon.


Dave posted a comment   

What's this rubbish about this being a NEW model. It's discontinued. The new model is the TH-P46U20A. Read U20 not G10/G20
Panasonic website says: Superseded model.
Where do you guys get your information from?


jonathon posted a comment   

it just came out M


m posted a comment   

Seriously guys, highlighting TVs that are no longer produced, whats the point.


jrmz posted a reply   

What are you on? It's a brand new TV only came out about a month ago.

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