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If you've decided to stick with or switch to Telstra, we don't blame you. Telstra's Next G network is still our first pick for speed and coverage, though Optus and Vodafone are spending huge amounts of money to bridge this gap.

Below are the best handsets in Telstra's range, based on the our tests and experiences over the course of a standard CNET Australia review period. There are several similarities here to lists we've compiled for both Optus and Vodafone, but the inclusion of 4G handsets is an important difference to note. The HTC One XL, in particular, is worth a closer look.

You take the good with the bad, though, and Telstra's prepaid range is looking pretty dismal at the moment. So much so that we've only included one handset in this round-up: the Samsung Galaxy Ace. If you are thinking about prepaid and you want a choice, it'd be best to shop elsewhere.

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BillyB1 posted a comment   

why is the iPhone 5 not a blue tick from Telstra like the 4s ??


TristanH1 posted a comment   

Jbhifi, Telstra Urbane, 4 inch, ICS, 1GHZ, Next G, only $149. I've had it for a week and a great prepaid phone for the price.. :)


IgaalN posted a comment   

Wth you got comments here from 2 years ago!


trebor83 posted a comment   

The Galaxy Ace? Really?

You coud have chosen the HTC One S or Sony's Xperia P, either of which would have been a much stronger option. Hell, if this is the competition then even the Lumia 800 has to be in the running. But the Galaxy Ace is the 6th best phone Telstra offers?


Valvoi posted a comment   

I have lost my Telstra Next G internet connection how
can I get this back?


harrat posted a comment   

just asking, if you put a Next G sim card in any phone will it get service like the Next G network??


Dspriggle posted a reply   

Short answer. No.
Long answer. Depends on the phone and where you are.
The Next G network is it's own frequency that not all phones have. However you may get the normal Telstra signal. Although I hear Telstra might be scrapping everything of there's that is not Next G.

This would make life a lot easier for Telstra customers.

Correct me if I'm wrong anyone :)


karen posted a comment   

i agree, we have been told we cant get any coverage inside our house because we have a tin roof, so all our calls have to be done outside (and facing north) WHAT A JOKE bring back the 3g phones, much better coverage than next g


Dan posted a comment   

forget about download speeds, how about just making a simple phone call. i'm one of the 1% who cant get coverage, yet i live 13 km from a large regional center. before you boast about how great the next G system is take some time to think of those who cant get coverage.

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