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In the good old days we'd let our fingers do the walking when using the Yellow Pages. These days our fingers do a lot more with our mobile phones.

Touchscreen technology has come along way in the last few years. It was once a technology reserved for high-end PDAs, and now touschscreens are incorporated in a large range of new mobile phones, from the most expensive all the way down to a handful of prepaid models too.

How do you choose the right touchscreen?

Firstly, there are two major touchscreen technologies being used in mobile devices: capacitive and resistive. Capacitive touchscreens work by transferring a small electrical charge from the screen to your finger and detecting the region where the charge is removed. Resistive screens use two extremely thin layers below the glass that are pressed together when the screen is touched. The difference between the two means that resistive screens can be touched with any object, like a stylus, while capacitive screens need to make contact with your body, usually through your finger. In practice we find capacitive screens, like the one used on the iPhone, to be more responsive, though recent resistive screens, like the Sony Ericsson Satio, have shown that well designed resistive displays can be nearly as responsive.

The second important element to consider is the design of the interface used by the manufacturers. Touchscreens demand that the icons are large enough to be pressed with a finger and well spaced enough to avoid accidentally pressing the icons beside it. The phones listed below represent the best of both of these necessities. They all make use of responsive touchscreen displays, while also featuring well-designed, finger-friendly interfaces.

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ThomasB2 posted a comment   

Out of the hundreds of touch screen phones, I don't know what to pick anymore. Thanks for providing that info in choosing the best smartphones!

Thomas, blogger from


StuartT posted a comment   

and to think a year later the iphone is now a mid range phone while duel core android phones are taking over the market and market share. now apple are copying things that android phones had from day one.


zill posted a comment   

what about lava 10


Gablz... posted a comment   

Hey Im trying to find a decent phone for social and work purposes. Any ideas?


Musicsensay posted a reply   

I think the Lg Banter touch is a great phone, just go to and go to phone and scroll down and click on make me merry now, then a new page comes up, click on where it say kg banter touch. Its an awesome phone, new but cheap.


Great posted a comment   

Hey guys i hav a corby plus already, i want to know about Nokia N900.


kaya posted a comment   

Iphones are great you just have to jailbreak them


Beven posted a comment   

Samsung Galaxy s i900 is the best phone ever way better then Iphones.. Iphones you can't even send music my bluetooth to any phone you want only Iphones.. Reception is pretty crap and everything.. Plus bigger screen and lighter Samsung Galaxy s i900


zoot posted a comment   

We run B'berry and iPhone in our business. Sadly, iPhone call quality is a real issue...even with the latest purchase.

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