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Last year, we made at least three Back to the Future references in our round-up of the year's best TVs, but this time around it would probably be more relevant to talk about Tron, with all the TV-sounding "derezzing" and such.

best lcd tv

The Sony HX800 is our favourite television of 2010 (Credit: Sony/Disney)

What is your favourite TV of 2010?

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Future-Retro is in. And nothing embodies this better than the current 3D preoccupation. While it hasn't yet sparked the imagination of the public, the best TVs of 2010 included 3D playback to some extent. But this isn't the reason you should buy them.

Regardless of features, the most important characteristic is picture quality. An attractive bezel is nice, IPTV is definitely a plus, but if it can't do the one thing you buy it to do (display an impressive picture), then it's not worth your money.

Our favourite TV of 2010 was a surprise to us. After dismissing Sony for several years, the company has bounced back with its NX and HX ranges and achieved what we didn't think possible — produce a picture that was better than plasma. The HX800 did exactly that. It has some of the best picture processing and inky black levels. It's also economical to run.

If you're not interested in LCD, then plasma is still a winner in our eyes. The Panasonic VT20 and V20 ranges were the best the company has produced yet. Deep, deep blacks and industry-leading motion resolution.

Other TVs to capture our hearts included the stylish Samsung C9000 and the LG 50PX950 plasma not only for their picture quality, but for their useful media-streaming features.

Which TV caught your eye in 2010? Vote in our poll above. If your favourite isn't there let us know in the comments below.

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coconet posted a comment   

The best realistic picture I've seen.
when it comes to the litlle details LG takes it big time! no Samsung, Panasonice or Sony TV can ever look any better than this LG TV, the bold and bright which are missing a bit aren't important if the picture not looks real.


gyangguller posted a comment   

it's good!


JT posted a comment   

If you like LG your thick as pig **** sorry to say.

Samsung's 3D models are decent, Ozboy summed up LCD picture. The Panasonic VT series has a miraculous difference to LG. But if you want your TV for movies, sports and a outstanding contrast, go Panasonic VT. If you want a bright animated image produced from a well conserved and thin LCD LED then go for it.

However if you want LCD LED go Sony HX800 in either 46 or 55 inches for sure, Samsung has a red tinge to it and is very potent.

Panasonic VT series is the best television created to date. Remember, do your research before your purchase.


white face posted a comment   

lg tv is best


thats choice posted a comment   

If you deem picture quality a high priority then plasma should be your choice, particularly the Panasonic VT range. You won't get a more realistic image at the moment.
If you prefer a very bright, crisp animated image tne LED's your choice.
Choosing your 'best' TV in the shop by way of comparision using the setup the sales people use is a first class beginners mistake.


ozboy posted a comment   

Plasma is still ahead of LCD (even with LED backlighting) for home theatre viewing. The best tv you can get is the Pioneer Kuro Gen 9, but since it is no longer available the Panasonic VT20 is king (Panasonic bought out Pioneer & their Kuro patents).
Comments of 'it looked best in the store' shows a lack of knowledge about picture quality & lighting environment.
Furthermore, if you know anything about 1080p resolution & how close you need to sit to the tv to maximise the resolution, then you will know that the Sony HX series aren't big enough for true blu-ray home theatre viewing.


aw123 posted a reply   

hi ozboy - just wanted to add that my comment of 'it looked best in the store' was not the entire basis of my research. I'm more than aware of how important correct callibration is for a 'realistic' picture quality. for the sake of my comment I was keeping it brief.

I do however find the picture quality of this tv to be astounding, and I now have it set up at home, and adjusted.

55 inch is plenty big enough for my room.


aw123 posted a comment   

bought a KDL55HX800 - but it still hasn't arrived... getting impatient, but glad to see that you think it's number one! i thought it looked the best when comparing in store, hopefully i'm as impressed with it as you are!


mickhoog posted a comment   

Glad to see the HX was your favourite. I ended up with a NX810 - i found the display better on the NX and the HX too grainy at the Sony Centre.

I love plasma but this TV was a better all rounder for me. I would have purchased the VT20 but it's seriously ugly.


Pete posted a comment   

Bought the Sony KDL46HX800 very very happy with it. Sony promo throws in a PS3, 3D kit with 2 glasses and Grand Turisimo 5 plus some bluray movies. All nice but the picture is great. Only niggle is an issue with full screen on my home theatre PC. Manual describes setting but option not there.

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