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Looking for a big screen experience in your own home? Here are our top-rated TVs over 55 inches.

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Right now, there are now multiple TVs available in Australia that are 84-inches in size (or over) — but they all have a price tag to match. The average punter looking for a big flat-panel TV that you don't need to sell a kidney for is going to be looking at 55 inches and above.

If you look at the stats, more than ever the 55-inches and over category is increasingly popular. Panel costs are way down, and this has helped push the larger screen format, as well as keep retail prices still relatively low.

The average screen size in Australia is still 42 inches, so if you're thinking of upgrading from a smaller size, it's worth considering the difference that extra 13 inches can make. You may need to re-arrange your lounge room (or usual viewing room) to accommodate the larger size screen. Commonly, people find that front speaker arrangements need to be changed. Also, if you're using a centre speaker with a 5.1 or 7.1 channel surround sound, the additional screen height may make dialogue sound like its coming from people's feet — although, in fairness, you have to be a bit of an audiophile to notice things like that.

We've added LG's brand new curved OLED TV in the mix. We know that at the current price — AUD$11,999 — it's not likely to be high on peoples lists of purchases, but it's a great panel and proves that the promise of OLED hasn't been oversold. We've also added a new Plasma TV to the round up, Panasonic's ST60, which combines great performance at an incredible price.

One final note: we've included some archived models. Some of these are no longer being produced, but you will find that they are still for sale at some online stores (and at a bargain price, compared to their initial RRPs).

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NickN1 posted a comment   

Dear CNET. What has happened to you TV reviews. You hardly have anything any more. There are a few new large screen TV's on the market at the moment (Sony W850A, Sharp LE951 etc) that I would love to see a review on (including input lag results). I also saw a post a while back saying that you had taking delivery of Sony's new 4k and that a full review was due soon - still nothing. What is happening?


heathperline posted a comment   

No mention of panny VT60 pfft


booboosix40 posted a comment   

Judging by the dates on the comments this is an old article reposted.Why don't we see many tv reviews on this site anymore. You use to see reviews here on new tv's not long after their release.Now we have to check the US site to see any.A budget issue I guess.


silverathlon posted a comment   

Why isnt the Panasonic VT50 on the list?


Darth Joe posted a comment   

Why no plasmas on the list?


Nic Healey posted a reply   

The Samsung PS59D8000 is plasma.


Darth Joe posted a reply   



complectus posted a reply   

Yes the Samsung PS59D8000 is plasma, but does it deserve a place on this list more than its 2012 brothers or any of this years crop from Panasonic?

This isn't really a list of the best TVs 55 inches

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