Best ultrabooks

Ultrabooks aim to offer the best of portability and performance in a single package. Here are the best we've seen so far, whether traditional, touchscreen or convertible hybrids.

It's early 2014, and we've seen a lot of official Intel Ultrabook activity to date. There have been more than a few misses in that time, but we're finally seeing enough hits that it felt ripe for an updated round-up. With Windows 8 being touch centric, there's now a good selection of touchscreen options for us to highlight, as well as the new-look hybrid tablet options. Plus a couple of traditional non-touch options that just know how to give a gorgeous laptop experience in a slick, thin form factor.

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CampbellS posted a comment   

I have the Asus 13.3inch UX32VD. Its better than the UX31A as it has a 1GB Nvida card , I replaced the 7200rpm with a 250GB SSD and it now runs probably better than the UX31A.


lalex81 posted a comment   

Why is the 15" Asus Zenbook Prime not available in Australia?

It's available overseas since November.


FHorobin posted a comment   

I noticed you've also not included the Toshiba Z930 reviewed in December.

Also any chance you're going to get to review the Sony Vaio T14 (model SVT14117CGS)


snuke posted a comment   

What about the Asus UX31A from this review?

You gave it a 9.0!


Seamus Byrne posted a reply   

Noted and added! Thanks for paying attention. :-)

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