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Craig was sucked into the endless vortex of tech at an early age, only to be spat back out babbling things like "phase-locked-loop crystal oscillators!". Mostly this receives a pat on the head from the listener, followed closely by a question about what laptop they should buy.

If you're constantly on the go, or need to smuggle something inconspicuously into another room to escape the insanities of family life, then you need a laptop that's small and lightweight.

While typically not the fastest or most powerful laptops on the market, the ultraportable is very quickly catching up in terms of features, and will do most business and casual users, not to mention fashion moguls extremely well. Portability and prettiness comes at a price premium though, and those in need of power like designers and gamers should look elsewhere!

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kristinaaaaa posted a comment   

these are good laptops


bratwurst posted a comment   

Have to disagree with John on his opinion of Asus laptops. I own an Asus and I couldn't be happier - it goes beautifully.


John posted a comment   

Never buy anything that isn't Apple,Toshiba,Sony

Although Sony is just lucky to be in the list

(This is my opinion)


Sambo505 posted a comment   

DO not buy a Dell I repeat DO NOT buy a Dell, I paid over $3000 for my laptop and it has been a lemon from day one .After 2 years of constant problems Dell have decided they will replace it BUT with NO warranty at all!! what sort of rubbish is this I'm takinfg them to Dept of Fair Trading


pons posted a comment   

why are all these comments about faulty computers rather than the article? Oh well, to continue down that road...If I always believed it when people told me to stay away from a particualr product then I'd never buy anything. One can always get a dud. As it happens, Toshiba consistently scores highest in reliability surveys and pretty well in customer satisfaction too.


juggernaut posted a comment   

My Dell XPS M1550 (next version up from mM1330) works damn gud.
Must depend if u get a dud or not.


cybermogul - Canberra, Australia posted a comment   

Just a note of caution about Toshiba notebooks .... stay away from them unless you want premature ageing from all the problems with the product. Surprisingly, Toshiba don't even want to know you or your problems when things go pear shaped. Has to be one of the most irresponsible companies I have come across in 30 years.

After my problems and frustrations, I have talked several dozen people away from the Toshiba brand towards Asus which has been indefatigable since day 1.


John posted a reply   

Can i just say something?
Asus try to get people to buy their product by using signs like HUGE RAM or HUGE HARDDRIVE. It might look great on the outside but under the hood? Bam a dud


Aron posted a comment   

Darch, 1 year into use my Dell XPS1330 the graphics card failed and was replaced, just passed year two, searching for a replacement laptop. Good Luck with your XPS, don't use it too much, or carry it around, then it should last!


loloal posted a comment   

This is the last Dell laptop I buy because there is no warranty available from Dell because of the Nvidia graphics problems. My Dell has died twice and Dell and Nvidia know they have a problem but will not acknowledge it. Typical Americans hiding from the truth and consumers as if you look at Dells website the XPS 1330 no longer exists for warranty renewals. Avoid Dell.

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